Jim Rion is an author and translator living in Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan. He also dabbles in photography…

Author of Discovering Yamaguchi Sake, translator of The Devil’s Flute Murders, cohost of Sake Deep Dive (scroll down!), and consumer of sake.


Shuki – Our Choko Runneth Over Sake Deep Dive

Andy and Jim get a little bit more personal as they take a look at a topic close to both their hearts: sake vessels! From tokkuri to hirahai, they talk bottles and cups, with a couple of bones to the wine-glass crowd, too. Raise whatever is closest to hand for a rousing kampai to shuki! Vocabulary from this episode Tokkuri – a common style of bottle-style sake pourer Katakuchi – a widely varied style of pitcher/bowl style sake pourer. Guinomi – a relatively large sake cup Ochoko – a relatively small sake cup Heihei – a rather unusual style of “flat” sake pourer  Masu – A square wooden or plastic, sometimes lacquered sake vessel. Kiriko – Japanese cut glass, often used for sake cups and pourers. Recommended Sake Andy – Juhachizakari Takaji Junmai Omachi Muroka Hiire Genshu Jim – Gokyo Junmai Kiokezukuri Kimoto Our theme music is from  Lotus Lane by The Loyalist – Preconceived Notions Available at https://soundcloud.com/preconceived-notions Under a  Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/lotus-lane Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/1YVHRMVwwHg 
  1. Shuki – Our Choko Runneth Over
  2. Pasteurization – Holding out for a Hiire
  3. Yamadanishiki – The Big League
  4. Yamaguchi – From the Mountain’s Mouth
  5. Yamahai – Blurred Lines

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