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Bringing Local Sake from Yamaguchi to the World

As a kikisake-shi, Certified Sake Professional, and heart-felt fan of Yamaguchi and its local sake, my primary goal is to bring a sense of Yamaguchi’s local sake scene to those who have no other way to find out about it.

In Progress

Works that are not yet finished or are awaiting publication

Sake Today

I had an article in Issue 22 of Sake Today (Summer 2019) introducing local sake brewery Yamagata Honten, and I also took included photographs. The story is in print only, and unavailable online.

  • Awaiting Publication
    • Hagiyaki Meets Modernity: A profile of two Hagi potters, investigating the postwar developments of traditional pottery under the influence of modern artistic tradition.
  • Previously Published
    • An in-depth investigation of the entire cultural landscape of Yamaguchi’s sake brewing industry, from rice growing to sake sales, in book form.


As a regular contributor to WorkInJapan.today, I introduce cultural and business concepts, recommend travel in western Japan, and, naturally, write about sake!


I write freelance for a variety of other clients in different fields. I have contributed both under my own name and anonymously.