Discovering Yamaguchi Sake – Errata

Despite my best efforts, I am still merely human, and I made mistakes in my book. Some are simple typographical errors, while others are the results of misunderstanding and miscommunication. I am keeping in touch with the publisher about hopefully getting these fixed in future editions (fingers crossed) but for now, here is a list of errors in Discovering Yamaguchi Sake.

  • Page 63 – Typo
    • Error: “with only the toji, Harada, and his hashira
    • Correction: with only the toji, Harada, and his kashira
  • Pp 100, 102, 103, 104 – Miscommunication
    • Error: Ikuyamakawa
    • Correction: Ikusanga
      • I feel like this one warrants explanation. The name of this sake label 幾山河 is both used in a famous poem and as a traditional kind of aphorism, both meaning “all the mountains and rivers of Japan.” In the poem, it is read “Ikuyamakawa,” while in the traditional phrase it is “Ikusanga.” The sake shop where I buy it uses the first, but I just found out that the brewery prefers the second.
  • Page 135 – Miscommunication
    • Error: “I actually went to university with Nagayama Takahiro…”
    • Correction: “I’m actually the same age as Nagayama Takahiro…”