Game Work – VasterClaws3

I helped do some minor editing and supplemental translation for VasterClaws3, an indie game from small Japanese studio StudioGIW. I’ve played some of the game, luckily, and find it fascinating and unique. So, I thought I’d bring it to people’s attention!

This is a fantasy game in the RPG vein, but instead of focusing on a specific player that you level up and gear, you are building a squad of soldiers that you fine-tune. Combat is essentially automatic, while you mostly just guide your squad through a level to search out treasure and enemies.

The depth of the game comes from the in-depth leveling and gear mechanics. You have a variety of skills and stats to level, and your gear also unlocks new skills as you progress. There are a variety of soldier types with complementary skills, and thus the real goal of this game is to assemble a squad with the best balance of skills and gear to keep moving forward. It’s quite deep and complex, with lots of stats to focus on, so it should appeal to fantasy number crunchers a lot.

So many stats!

Then, there are the graphics. StudioGIW makes a big deal out of their in-house engine that creates intricate pixel graphics, and understandably so. The pictures are beautiful, and complex, and unique.

In-game play screen

There is a lot going on in this game, so it definitely targets serious play rather than casual time-wasting (especially given the full price), but it’s unusual, deep, and well-made. I think there are a lot of people who will enjoy it!

Currently only on Android, but a steam version is planned.

Google Play Link

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