My New Year in Pictures

Rather than a tired resolution post or whatever, I thought I’d just post some picture I took over the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. I’m also trying to ensure that I include captions for screen readers, which WordPress seems to struggle with when it comes to galleries. Patience, please.

Locations include Shunan city’s Eigenzan park, Tokuyama Zoo, Nijigahama Beach, Yanai Adeli Hoshi Park, and Mt. Taika in Shunan.

Captions for slide show: 1. A brilliant pink and yellow flower against green leaves. 2. A pale piece of driftwood that resembles some kind of beast’s skull, atop a pine-needle bedding. 3. A small green bird perched on a bare branch, with a bright pink flower nearby. 4. The silhouette of a bird encircled by leafy, flowered branches.

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